Customers Raves

“Thank you for the great job at Swire Coca-Cola.  The owner has been very appreciative of the progress of the project and the quality of the concrete scope.  While walking with owners, architect, subcontractors, suppliers, and Big-D personnel, I’ve heard many people comment on the quality of the slabs and tilt panels.  I want to thank you for the quality, performance, and team work that you’ve displayed on this project and pass on the many compliments that I’ve heard on your behalf. 

Looking back on the project, it’s also apparent to me that DKS really set the stage for the other subcontractors on cleanliness.  I appreciate your effort to clean up after stripping forms, stacking/oiling forms, storing materials neatly, and removing garbage and debris from the job site.  When subcontractors came onsite and saw how clean your crew operated they knew to clean up after themselves.  Thanks for your effort and example.”

Big-D – Swire Coca-Cola project